163.com Debuts HTML5 iPad Email

Despite the fact the iPad has yet to officially launch in China (and sources tell us there is a delay) NetEase e-mail CEO Ding Lei has already had his team of developers launch a special iPad version of their popular 163 email service.
The new service located at ipad.mail.163.com, can be accessed through the iPad’s Safari browser. As it has been developed especially for the iPad other browsers will be redirected to the default email style for the device your on (but if you really need to take a look activate developer tools in Safari and change your client to iPad).
As I don’t have a 163 Netease email, I’ve yet to see what has been changed, but according to official word HTML5 and CSS3 technology have been brought together to offer iPad users a much faster experience, 50% in some cases, over the traditional email experience.
iPad’s have yet to be launched in China, but it is estimated that tens of thousands are in daily use here already!

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