Apabi e-book App for iPad

Founder are a large consumer electronics company that make anything from full PC set-ups for home or office to tiny mp3 players, and now they’ve entered the iPad App business.
The Apabi ebook reader claims to be ‘The first professional ebook application from China’ and is available for free download at the App Store.
Once installed on your iPad (the only device which is supported to date) the application allows for the reading of CEBX and PDF format e-books. Books are sorted on either a ‘bookshelf’ like iBooks or alphabetically in lists.
One nice feature of the Apabi app is its ability rearrange text and images as they are zoomed in on to allow for better viewing, but with no loss in page size.
The release of this Chinese developed iPad only ebook reader is more evidence proving the iPad will soon make its official debut in the Chinese market.
Download Apabi Reader from the iTunes store here.

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