Eken Love Series Tablets

iPad clones are seriously getting extremely dull, so it makes a nice change to come across a company who have decided to take the initiative and do something that at least looks a little different.
Eken are the makers of this super slim rounded ‘Love’ tablet, and it looks like they’are hoping to sell it in foreign markets as the silver chassis is embossed with FCC and CE compliance marks.
The only buttons on the tablet are a big power button plus a large rectangular home/menu button which can take you into the Android sub menu without touching the screen.
Speaking of Android the system on the Eken pad is a 1.6 which is very disappointing to see, but as the tablet only uses a 400 MHz CPU with 128 MB of RAM its a sensible choice for Eken to choose a less power intensive O.S.
Like most Android tabs this one has a mini SD card reader, headphone jacks and a 30 pin dock connector ala Apple.
The Love tablet will come in a number of different sizes, ranging from the 7 inch M001 to the 9 inch M008 (seen here). Prices will be around 600 yuan and rising depending on the size, the rest of the specs will remain the same on all sizes.

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