Asus Releases New Range Of Nettop PC’s

What do you get if you rip the screen from a net-book and plug it to your TV? A cheap but rather ugly looking net-top computer that’s what. Then what happens if you add a DVD burner to the mix? Well you get a cheap PC plus a DVD, CD player replacement all in one!
This little net-top from Asus can cover all your media duties, plus surf the web and play the odd game all on your TV, best of all though is it’s looks. It looks like the designers at Asus were practicing their Ninja Star throwing skills when they penned this little $400 box. Picture a much thinner Mac Mini stuck in a piece of wood by one of its corners.
For $400 you get a 1.66 Ghz Atom CPU, 250Gb hard drive, DVD burner, 2GB of Ram (expandable to 4Gb) HDMI out, WIFI and SD card reader.
The Asus Ninja Cube is available in black or white and should be available in Europe now an China very soon.

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