Earthquake Proof Cell Phone

We’ve heard some bold claims over the years, but a mobile phone that can withstand the power of an earthquake!? That’s got to be right up there with … I don’t …. With, oh ‘We own the trade mark for iPad so give us 10 Billion Yuan’.
Despite the rather optimistic claim, this phone made by ZTC does look rather robust. There’s a thick rubber body which should protect it from knocks and falls, the battery cover is attached by 2 screws and is sealed to keep dust and water out and the screen is an anti-glare scratch proof item.
There’s also a heavy duty looking speaker on the back of the phone making it easy to hear on a construction site or while hiking near a loud waterfall.
Other nice features for the outdoors bound are the rubber covered USB and charger sockets and a built in flash light plus laser pointer (although we’re not sure why you’d need the laser pointer).
Underneath it’s tough exterior is your basic dual sim phone with 2 mega-pixel camera and a space for a micro SD card.
It’s a shame that a phone designed to be rugged and used outdoors fails to have GPS, but ZTC say the phone was designed to be affordable and GPS would have hiked up pricing.
Via M8cool

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