Shady iPhone Service Plans Available for 600 Yuan

The iPhone 4 is top of the smart phone pops in China. Demand continues to outstrip supply with customers having to wait up to 2 weeks to get their hands on the sleek black phone.
Part of the iPhone lure is its good looks and functions, but another turn on for tech savvy, budget concerned buyers is very cheap data connection rates and free phone minutes bundled with each of the Apple devices.
Some online vendors, however have found a way to sell the service unofficially without the need to upgrade your phone to the latest Apple model.

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The unofficial 2 year service plan has an initial payment of 600 Yuan then costs subscribers a limited 286 Yuan ($43) per month. For that price users get 900 free minutes of calls worth 245 Yuan ($37) plus access to Unicom’s 3G network.
Obviously Unicom aren’t too thrilled at the prospect of having these bundles offered to every smart phone under the sun and have threatened to take action, by adding service costs to unauthorized plans if you’re discovered to be using one.
Vendor selling the unauthorized plan state that they have yet to hear any official word from Unicom to stop selling the plans and will continue to do so unless they hear otherwise.

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