Beijing Design Graduate Lives in a 2 Meter Egg!

Dai Haifei, a 24 year old design graduate in Beijing has been living in a giant bamboo egg for the past 2 months. The young designer, inspired by an exhibit held at his firm which featured a movable egg-shaped cabin, Dai decided to borrow 6400 Yuan ($960)  and build one for himself.

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The 2 meter tall ‘egg’ dwelling is made from wood, woven bamboo and uses bamboo mats plus large bags of grass seeds to insulate and protect his home from rain. Small wheels are attached underneath making the whole structure completely portable.
Inside is a 1 meter wide bed, a water tank, and a very large number of books! Dai says his standard of living has improved greatly now he doesn’t need to pay for rent!
I can’t wait to see it in Spring when those grass seeds begin to sprout!

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Via: Crienglish

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