The ‘Good’ Type of Android Malware!?

As Android users the words malware, virus and good generally don’t go hand in hand, but like everything in life there is an exception to the rule. The exception in this case is an Android virus called Android.Walkinwat. The specially designed trojan isn’t out to steal your credit card numbers or email passwords, instead this clever (if possibly illegal) application scans your phone for pirated applications then sends messages to everyone on your contacts telling them your steal apps and your cheap!

Gizchina News of the week

The malware it’s self on the web new posing as a pirated version of an official Android Application called ‘Walk and Text’. Anyone downloading the spoof app will unwittingly send the following message to all their friends’

“Hey, just downloaded a pirated App off Internet, Walk and Text for Android. Im stupid and cheap, it costed only 1 buck. Don’t steal it like I did!”

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