Sina Weibo Creating Virtual ‘Weibi’ Currency

Sina is on a serious roll with it’s Weibo micro-blogging platform! The social messaging service has attracted people from all over the globe including celebrities like Tom Cruise, they have added English to the Weibo iPhone application and Gizchina will be joining soon!

With all the hype and huge popularity it was only a matter of time before Sina began to monetize the platform and seems to be doing so with it’s own virtual currency called ‘Weibi’ or ‘Micro-money’.

Gizchina News of the week

Recently a Chinese Weibo user who had registered under the user name ‘Weibi’ had their account suspended without warning or reason, leading some to believe that Sina are beginning to speed up the launch of the online currency.

The screen shot above is from the suspended account with a message reading;

“Your IP or your account breaches Sina Weino’s security regulation. The account is suspended for now.”

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Via: Technode

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