Fake Beef Found in Chinese Markets and Restaurants

The Department of Industry and Commerce in Hefei, China have recently discovered a ‘beef extract’ that can be used to give chicken meat or pork the look and flavor of beef.

The chemical has been known to be used in the production of ‘meat floss’ (which is exactly what it sounds like) but has now been found to be in use at some small restaurant and in local produce markets.

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As well as scamming customers in to buying cheaper meat under the guise of beef the ‘beef extract’ chemical, if consumed on a regular basis can cause slow poisoning, deformity and even cancer!

The full story and walk through 90 minute preparation guide on how to turn chicken to beef can be seen over at China Smack.

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1 Comment

  1. Simon
    September 19, 2016

    Does that mean they may be selling fake beef in the U.S. too?