White iPhone 5 Knock-Off Caught on Video!

iphone 5 knock off on video
Another iPhone 5 clone caught on video this time in white!

Update 2: 5 Places you can buy an iPhone 5 clone.

Update: White iPhone 5 Clones on sale for $47

iPhone 5 clones, news and rumors are popping up all over the show after our breaking news last week. The latest is this video which shows a white iPhone 5 clone.

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The white iPhone 5 shown in the video is quite clearly a fake, with the same 7mm profile as the black model iPhone 5 previously seen on video, but which-ever manufacturer is making them is banking a lot on their iPhone 5 clone, which makes us (and others) suspect they know a little more about the latest iPhone’s design than most others do!


Via: 9to5mac

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