Homemade Chinese Submarine Can Stay Underwater for 10 Hours

wuhan homemade submarine
Another homemade wonder from China

China is no stranger to innovative homemade vehicles such as helicopters, planes or submarines, but when someone manages to make one of these homemade marvels we can’t help but be amazed!

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The latest homemade submarine is also by far the most advanced. Where as previous self made Chinese submarines have been nothing more than a few oil drums welded together, this “Shuguanghao” submarine has a custom hull and even a viewing dome.

Made by Wuhan inventor Zhang Wuyi, the “Shuguanghao” submarine can travel at speeds of up to 20km/h and can stay submerged for 10 hours at a time (this we highly doubt!).

Mr. Zhang tested his creation at a lake in Hubei Province on Tuesday, where it impressed bystanders so much that one wealthy local ordered one on the spot!

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