Amazon China Selling Counterfeit Luxury Goods!

Emporio Armani AR0257 watch knock off
Emporio Armani AR0257 watch knock off listed on

Buying luxury handbag, jackets, shoes and watches online can sometimes be a minefield of knock-offs and counterfeit items! But lucky there are some trustworthy sites out there we  can rely on right? Sites like Amazon?

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Guess not!

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Amazon China and Dangdang (a Chinese owned and operated e-commerce site) have been found to be selling knock-off goods as the real thing! They have even been publishing the items with labels such as “Genuine Product Guarantee”

Technology website TechWeb found that both the online commerce sites have been knowingly taking part in selling dodgy goods.

Amazon was caught out when one writer for Technode discovered had been selling Emporio Armani AR0257 watches for as little as $86 where as in the states they can cost upwards of $199!

More Details over at Technode.

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