Upset Chinese Customers Taking Apple to Court!

apple china,apple store china,iphone 4 refurbished,refurbished iphone 4 china,customer rights china,china acivist,customer rights,sue apple,apple court chinaWe reported a few months ago that some Apple customers in China had reportedly bought devices from Apple stores in Beijing at full price, only to find out days later their ‘new’ gadget wasn’t so new!

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The reports centered around iPhone 4’s that had been bought at full retail price, 4999 Yuan in Beijing, which were later found to have been repaired weeks earlier and refurbished.

Now consumer rights activist, Wang Hai, has taken up the fight of the affected customers and is taking Apple to court.

Wang Hai, is hoping to receive compensation for each of the customers and also win an additional 4999 Yuan to cover legal expenses.

Via: Ubergizmo and Shanghai Daily

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