China’s Alibaba Working on Tablet With Own OS

Primarily when you think of tablets you tend to think of either Android, iOS or possibly Windows being the operating system used to drive them. Other such as HP’s WebOS and Blackberry’s Blackberry OS have been and either gone or on their way out, however if China’s Alibaba get their act together their could be a 4th choice.

The company who are behind, the Alibaba sourcing portal, and the popular E-bay like Taobao online shopping site are now looking at producing their own Tablet with self developed OS.

Gizchina News of the week

The device will be made by Chinese company K-Touch, who currently produce smartphones for the local market, while the OS called Aliyun is currently already in use on some phones.

Let’s see if the Chinese competitor can last better than some of the companies from the west.

Via: Gizchina

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