China Telecom Heading for the US?

china telecom moving to usChina Telecom may not be the largest mobile network provider but they have some rather large plans, and could be soon making a move to US customers.

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In a recent interview, representatives at China Telecom discussed how they would be interested in offering their services to Chinese Americans, and could possibly offer users a special Chinese line, making it cheaper and more convenient to call home.

Chinese communications companies have been in the news quite frequently recently, with China Unicom, the 2nd largest carrier, expected to receive the iPhone 4S before the end of the year and are currently giving away free iPhone 4’s.

The largest mobile operator, China Mobile, still won’t be getting their own way this year and have missed out on getting a China Mobile version of the iPhone 4S after negotiations with Apple broke down (again) after talks moved to iTunes royalties.

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