Apple Resorts To Lottery Reservation for Tomorrows Chinese New iPad Launch

As I had forgotten but was suddenly reminded after walking in to this sign earlier today, the new Retina display iPad launches in China tomorrow morning, but don’t start getting in line before you have read this!

Apple’s launches are always much hyped crazy affairs, but in China this is especially true with mobs of Apple fans fighting, throwing eggs, attacking police and battling with scalpers.

And it’s these problems, most notably the scalpers which Apple is attempting to purge with their reservation lottery service.

Gizchina News of the week

Basically anyone wishing to buy the new Retina display iPad when in launches tomorrow morning at 8am needs to first log in to this page and choose which model of iPad they hope to buy. Then Apple will go through the reservations and send the random lucky few invitations to buy their new iPad!

We’re unsure if many Apple fans of or prospective new iPad shoppers know this detail here in China, or if they care as we are sure huge crowds will surge themselves upon Apple’s store’s across the nation.

If I get chance I will head over to the local Apple store in the morning to see what the situation is like there.

Via: Techcrunch

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