5 ‘New iPhones’ made by 100 staff during secret Foxconn nightshift!

As one would expect Apple and Foxconn have been gearing up for production of the new iPhone,  however according to sources close to Foxconn 5 new iPhone’s have already been made!

According to reports Foxconn’s factory in Zhengshou has already performed an iPhone 5, or new iPhone trial run production.

Obviously the trial production of the New iPhone was performed to work out any possible bugs, such as yellowing screens, before the New iPhone is finally officially announced and launched.

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It is said that the production went well and involved 100 Foxconn workers to produce the 5 New iPhone models during a night shift.

The factory is now currently recruiting more workers for the summer in preparation for the new Apple iOS devices launch and could also be hired to build the rumored iPad mini!

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