Lenovo Arkansas MT6588 Quad-core phone specification and pricing leaked!

I reported a few days ago that both Lenovo and Gionee are working on new quad-core phones which will make use of the all new quad-core MT6588 CPU from MediaTek, now not even a week later we have leaked specification details and pricing for the new Lenovo Arkansas phone!

As I reported earlier the codename for Lenovo’s MT6588 quad-core phone is Arkansas and now we have learned more about this forthcoming Chinese quad-core phone.

Lenovo have opted for the MediaTek MT6588 quad-core phone chip which according to reports is cheaper for MediaTek to produce than the current dual-core MT6577 unit. In the Arkansas the MT6588 will be clocked at just 1.2Ghz which should prove powerful but not to power-hungry and will be equipped with 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM.

The screen is said to be a 4.5inch QHD 960 x 540 which thanks to the new CPU is capable of 1080 HD video playback, making the Lenovo Akransas one of the first low-mid range Chinese phones on the market able to do so.

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 will come as standard meaning the new MT6588 quad-core phone chip can make use of the additional performance benefits which Google have managed to implement in their latest mobile OS.

Prices are expected to be between 1499 Yuan to 1799 Yuan which will price the quad-core MT6588 phone from Lenovo way below other quad-core phones on the market including the Quad-core Meizu MX and Xiaomi M2.

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