Elephone make a break for the E-cig market with the ELE Cigar

ELE Cigar

No, this is not some elaborate joke, phone maker Elephone have in fact launched a new lifestyle product. The Elephone Cigar is an E-cigarette.

We’ve seen smartphone makers diversify in to other markets. Xiaomi, for example have their range home gadgets, e-vehicles, accessories and TV’s, and even Meizu, Huawei and LeTV are now making more than just the humble Android phone.

Elephone have taken a different approach, one we haven’t seen from another phone maker so far, and one we aren’t likely to see other companies follow. Elephone have launched the Elephone Cigar, their version of an E-cig.

The device appears to be made of metal with a leather grip (with the Elephone logo), and there is a USB plug in the base for charging. We don’t have a clue how much it will sell for or when it be available either.

ELE Cigar

What do you think of Elephone’s latest device? Is the E-cig market a shrewd move for the phone maker?

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