Moto Z Series Full Keyboard Project Cancelled

As early as February 2017, there have been reports in the media that Motorola will embed its “QWERTY” keyboard into its Moto Z series smartphone in a modular form to complete the full keyboard device. At the same time, there are also reports that Motorola has also completed the preparation for the funds and as of May 3, 2017, Motorola has raised more than $165,000 – the amount exceeded 115% of budgeted figure. Later at the CES show earlier this year, Motorola’s full keyboard module was unveiled, and the company promised to go commercial soon. Unfortunately, recent reports suggest that Motorola has cancelled the physical full keyboard project developed for the Moto Z series. There are three major reasons for the cancellation.

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Firstly: In recent years, Motorola’s sales volume is not strong. Moto Z mobile phone market share is even less pitiful, meaning that the number of potential buyers of the full keyboard module developed for it is also abysmal, and thus there is no third-party retail company that will be willing to take the risk.

Secondly: Motorola’s related project team has no other sources of funding in addition to the $165,000 fund raised in the early days. There is no money available for advertising, marketing, and other aspects that require heavy deposits.

Thirdly: Motorola’s mobile phone physical keyboard module must undergo customized processing. Motorola’s will potentially procurement components at a higher cost since the company is not doing very well at the moment.

However, there is a good news. Motorola is now developing a high-end physical keyboard phone called “Q-device” and the company said that this phone will be more than the current Moto Z full range. The phone is thinner and lighter. The team also said that if all goes well with the “Q-device”, it will be available in the next quarter.

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