Huawei is more than just smartphones – launches solution for smart mining


Huawei, a manufacturing giant from China has a lot on its hands right now. The company has the American ban to handle but that is not stopping the company from forging ahead. Huawei has since shown that it is not just a smartphone company, it does a whole lot of things. Recently, the company held the Huawei Smart Mine Joint Solution Press Conference online.


At the conference, the company announced its latest Smart Mine Joint Solution. This time, its solution integrates the industry’s beneficial exploration of smart mine construction. It also deeply integrates Huawei’s new ICT technologies such as 5G, AI, and Kunpeng Cloud, etc. Furthermore, the solution has the “four characteristics” which is also the future evolution of smart mining systems. These characteristics include wireless service, cloud service, platform, and intelligence.

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Huawei smart mine solution incorporates 5G, AI, and Kunpeng Cloud

The Huawei Smart Mine Joint Solution also incorporates rich and professional practical experience in the construction of smart mines in the coal industry. It forms a “3 1 + N + 5” smart mines, i.e. a network for mine, a cloud for mine, a platform for mine, as well as N applications and 5 centers. Huawei’s new solution offers the following

  • Build a network of interconnected, unified, efficient and comprehensively loaded mines through a network of mines
  • Build a safe, controllable, and flexible operation, maintenance and efficient digital base through a cloud in the mine
  • Break through the chimney system through one platform, and form a data sharing, capability sharing, open and unified mine digital platform.

This time, Huawei also aims at the typical business scenarios of coal production. It is in partnership with many ecological partners in the industry. It is in this partnership to create a mine network based on the following

  • intelligent video analysis of the standardization of key underground operations
  • intelligent control of the main transport belt
  • Kunpeng cloud distributed collaborative GIS services
  • the underground auxiliary transport system, remote driving, mine integrated centralized control system, and mine IOC
  • other key scenario solutions to support mining, machine, transport, and other aspects of the business applications.
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By supporting mines to build all kinds of business applications, Huawei formed “Five Smart Mine Centers”. These centers incluses

  • decision-making and command center
  • safety production center
  • the integrated centralized control center
  • intelligent inspection center
  • management center

With this, the company is able to promote the overall intelligence of mine applications. It is also helping smart mines to become more intensive and efficient.

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