Huawei Applied For a Patent of Long-Distance Wireless Charging

Huawei long-distance wireless charging

Huawei seems to be studying a new futuristic technology that can make everyone’s life more convenient. The company has applied for a patent for a new laser technology that provides wireless charging at long distances.

Currently, this technology does not have an exact name. But it is still an exciting innovation in charging solutions. As smartphones become more and more powerful, having good battery life has become a problem faced by many OEMs. Through this technology, you can eliminate the trouble of carrying chargers and wires with you.

In the video, Huawei says that ‘to make every meeting room or coffee shop bathed in invisible charging power, one of the biggest challenges is the safety of lasers to the eyes.’ The company is still working hard to make the technology available to humans. It can also be used safely in close range. The system can detect the eyes in the laser path, and then the device will shut down to protect users or their pets in the area.

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The video describes that the device can allow multiple electronic devices to simultaneously charge wirelessly. The charging module is placed in a vantage point overlooking the entire room. It allows the charging module to automatically charge compatible devices. This technology can transmit power to some mobile devices, which is very suitable for medium and long-distance power transmission. These devices can include smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even drones.

Huawei long-distance wireless charging

Of course, this technology has no launch date yet. And we think this won’t happen soon. The problem is that the laser that will travel from the charging module to the mobile devices is very harmful. So this company (and other as well) should work very hard to figure it out. But once Huawei reaches the required level of safety, it may become one of the most useful innovations of the decade.

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At the moment, Huawei has closed many of its R&D offices and laboratories worldwide. Also, it cut the investment for research and development. This will directly affect the speed of developing new technologies. In this regard, we are not much optimistic that this wireless charging technology will appear on the market soon.

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