Top 9 video editing platforms to cater to your video creation requirements


Businesses are grappling with the increase in competition over online channels. This has led them to remain on a constant lookout for new audience retention mediums to expand and sustain their online business. Video platforms have emerged as the single greatest medium to fulfill their requirements and help them in connecting effectively with their audience.

Starting from short explainer videos to promotional videos, these formats have historically worked wonders for brands.

Search engines like Google to prioritize content that has integrated videos and this can help businesses in enhancing their SEO metrics. If you have videos on your content, it is 53 times more likely that your page will show up in the top search results.But how do you go about creating impactful videos that fuel your business’s growth?

In this post, we will discuss the top 9 video creation platforms that can help you craft effective videos that are a treat to watch and have the intended impact on your audience.

Top 9 Video Creation Platforms

Here are the top 9 video creation platforms that can help you meet any of your video creation requirements. Let’s begin with the list.

1. InVideo

As far as video creation platforms go, InVideo is a simple video editing platform with remarkable features for your business videos. The tool works entirely in your browser and does not require any download or installation.

You can either upload your own videos or choose from among the thousands of available templates and create videos from scratch. Moreover, it also provides you with millions of stock audio clips and images that can instantly enhance the appeal of any business video.

2. Filmora by Wondershare

The Filmora video creation platform is perfect for beginners due to a number of reasons.It combines an intuitive and simple to use interface that offers a wide selection of effects, filters, overlays, titles, transitions, and a lot more.

There is also an ‘easy mode’ that enables seamless video creation and allows you to create impactful videos within minutes.You can get a lifetime license for $59.99 or a yearly license for $39.99. The pricing and the feature set of the platform are perfect for beginners and can help you easily create impactful videos.

3. Lightworks

If you are looking for a free video creation platform but don’t mind a bit of a learning curve, Lightworks can prove to be the perfect option.

It can help you in crafting high-quality appealing videos using its expansive feature set. The feature set is so expansive that the platform has been used to create and edit footage for popular Hollywood movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Pulp Fiction, Road to Perdition, and many other feature films.

4. Corel VideoStudio Pro

If you want to create state-of-the-art videos, the Corel VideoStudio Pro can provide you with everything that you may need. It comes with some pretty powerful and advanced features that can rival many higher-end video creation platforms.

It was the first consumer-oriented video editing platform that supported motion tracking or the ability to track objects in a video. The pricing stands at $79.99 which makes it relatively inexpensive when compared to the feature set that the platform offers.

5. Apple iMovie

If you own a Mac, the Apple iMovie platform can be your holy grail for your video creation requirements. It offers a beautiful interface that is elegant and super clean. Since the platform is developed by Apple specifically for Apple devices, you can be assured of some high-end performance.

It has green screen capabilities, iTunes integration, GarageBand support for audio, and the ability to wirelessly share your video projects among Apple devices. To top it all, it is entirely free.

6. OpenShot

OpenShot is a feature-heavy video editing platform that’s available for users on all ecosystems (Mac, Windows, Linux). Some of its features include 3D animation, image overlays, timeline, desktop integration, curve-based keyframe animations, and the support for a range of formats.

It is a great entry-level program that can help you in crafting appealing business videos without putting in many efforts.

7. HitFilm (Express & Pro)

The HitFilm video editing platform offers a range of special effects to add to your videos and instantly enhance their appeal.

It comes with tutorials that can help you replicate the effects of popular Hollywood movies and integrate them into your videos. The basic Express version of HitFilm provides you with a limited feature set, but for just $349, you can get HitFilm Pro for accessing the mind-blowing effects that the platform has to offer.

8. Apple Final Cut Pro X

This is yet another Apple offering that is specially designed to be used on Apple hardware. If you are a Mac user and have outgrown the iMovie platform, Final Cut Pro X can be the next best option for you.

The interface of Final Cut Pro is beautiful and provides all the features that you can expect from a high-end video editing platform. Currently, you can get Final Cut Pro X for $299.99 which might seem expensive but make much sense when compared to its launch price of $1000.

9. VSDC Free Video Editor

The VSDC free video editor can suit the needs of Windows users who want a platform that is sophisticated and comes entirely free of cost. It offers sleek video editing tools with features such as color correction, object transformation, normalization, and a host of other video editing functionalities.

If you are looking for a free solution to create professional-looking business videos, VSDC can prove the perfect way to go.


With the plethora of video editing options available for users, it might seem like a daunting task to choose the one that perfectly meets your requirements. You can choose any of the above-mentioned platforms and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Ganesh Kumar
    January 24, 2021

    I take it that you are not an Adobe fan or of subscriptions. You didn't mention Adobe Premiere Pro. And weird – not top 10 but top 9.