Who makes SYLVOX TV ?

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Mr. Golden, as the soul of SYLVOX Company, has unparalleled talent and enthusiasm for the display industry.

After graduating from MBA, Mr. Golden worked in KONKA, a display company. In his work, he showed his super working ability and deep understanding of the industry. He is not only proficient in various display technologies, but also has a keen insight into market trends, as well as excellent management skills. During his 15 years in KONKA as the general manager of the branch, the general manager of the sales region and the general manager of overseas business department. It took him only four years to increase KONKA’s export business from $12 million to $400 million.

Mr. Golden founded KONTECH in 2009

In 2009, Mr. Golden founded KONTECH, a display equipment company focusing on technology research and development and product solutions for intelligent display, special TV and commercial display. Under the leadership of Mr. Golden, KONTECH, after more than ten years of continuous innovation and development, has become a leading brand in the display segment industry.


KONTECH’s outstanding achievements:

  1. It has cooperated with famous display companies such as KONKA, SKYWORTH and BOE for many years and gained high recognition and trust.
  2. In June 2016, KONTECH’s waterproof TV became a special screen for reporting the “European Cup” event;
  3. It has accumulated more than 100 technology research and development patents, and has become a national high-tech enterprise in China and a specialized and innovative enterprise in Guangdong Province.
  4. Its prison TV sales account for more than 60% of the American market, and solar TV accounts for more than 30% of the African market.


In 2021, SYLVOX was founded

With years of TV R&D experience and innovative thinking, Mr. Golden found the shortcomings of the existing TV market. Through in-depth discussion of consumers’ needs and living habits, he believes that TV should not be limited to the living room, but should be integrated with more life scenes to provide users with high-quality audio-visual experience anytime and anywhere.

In 2021, Mr. Golden and his wife, Ms. Tracy, as co-founders, co-founded the SYLVOX brand and officially launched the concept of “Full Scene TV”. The scope of application of SYLVOX brand products includes outdoor TV, kitchen TV, bathroom TV, RV TV, bedroom TV, portable TV, commercial TV, etc., which truly realizes the concept of allowing users to use TV in any place.

Ms Tracy, a dynamic, outdoor-loving and creative woman, has a keen business vision and innovative thinking, and played a vital role in the establishment of SYLVOX brand. As the chief designer of SYLVOX brand, she has laid a delicate, modern and dynamic design style, which has become one of the core competitiveness of SYLVOX brand.

Ms Tracy’s suggestion is to combine the words “sylvan” and “vox” to form the brand name “SYLVOX”, which means that the brand SYLVOX is committed to creating a full-scene TV through audio-visual technology, bringing users an immersive audio-visual experience in various environments. At the same time, the brand name also conveys respect and concern for nature, life and ecological environment.

Achievements of SYLVOX

In the two years since its establishment, SYLVOX has made remarkable achievements:

  1. In April 2021, SYLVOX won the trust of Amazon platform and became its supplier because of its excellent performance in special TV categories;
  2. In June 2022, SYLVOX cooperated with Google and obtained the official authorization of Google TV, becoming the world’s first full-scene TV brand equipped with Google TV system;
  3. In December 2022, SYLVOX accounted for more than 60% of the online platform special TV market in the United States and became one of the world-renowned TV brands;
  4. In March 2023, the DTC station in SYLVOX Europe did officially open. Currently, SYLVOX’s platforms on the shelves include Amazon, SYLVOX DTC station, Walmart, Wayfair, Newegg and many other online platforms.

SYLVOX product field

SYLVOX takes users as the center, pays attention to product quality and service quality, and constantly pursues excellence as its business philosophy. At present, SYLVOX has rich product field, covering many scenes such as users’ home, travel and shopping.

Products already launched:

The program products of “Your private outdoor cinema” include: DECK, POOL and GARDEN series outdoor TVs; Elf S2 series outdoor Bluetooth speakers; Double-arm rotary wall-hanging bracket; Outdoor TV waterproof cover;

  • RV TV products: Trailer series; Vehicle series; Tour series; Limo series
  • Bathroom TV products: Mirror series; Mirror Plus series
  • Kitchen TV products: Potato series

Soon to be launched

  • Cinema series outdoor TV
  • Signage series outdoor commercial TV
  • Mobile series portable TV
  • Steak series kitchen TV

In the future, in order to bring users a better audio-visual experience and more personalized content, SYLVOX will continue to launch more innovative products. SYLVOX will become one of the best TV brands in the world through continuous innovation, developing products that are more in line with market demand and consumers’ preferences, and constantly improving brand competitiveness and market position.

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