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China Cross-Border E-Commerce Products Exhibition & Conference 2016 is an annual Shanghai based tech event and this year it celebrated 6th anniversary. This event is …

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trusted chinese resellers

Your time to speak up and have your say for or against Chinese resellers. Which Chinese phone resellers do you recommend and which should you avoid?

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Huawei are in the process of building a new online E-commerce portal where customers in the U.S can easily buy the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G LTE.

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We are sure you are all aware that the problem with Chinese phones, phablets and tablets isn’t finding a great device, but finding a trusted Chinese store to buy them from! This is why we have created the GizChina Chinese Store Directory!

Chinese E-commerce sites are hurting due to the slow moving iPhone 5C and have been forced to slash prices by more than $110!

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Sugar phone first ever handset has been listed on popular Chinese e-commerce sites, and at $536 it’s the most expensive Meidatek phone we have ever seen!

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Beidou have been doing a fantastic job of whipping everyone up in to a frenzy over there dual and quad-core Little Pepper Phones, and finally …

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Chinese E-commerce sites such as the ever popular Taobao, offer almost everything the home shopper could ever possibly want to purchase, but now and again …

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Buying luxury handbag, jackets, shoes and watches online can sometimes be a minefield of knock-offs and counterfeit items! But lucky there are some trustworthy sites …

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Google have had a rough time in China over the past year or so, yet that hasn’t stopped the search monolith recoding it’s best months …

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