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8848 M5 Titanium Mobile Phone: A Small Back Screen

Albeit controversial, 8848 phones have quite a following in China. Currently, there have been only four handsets released, all of them selling at insanely high price …

Now Chinese-owned luxury mobile phone maker — Vertu — have just launched their latest “flagship” — if not for the price — cellphone named SIGNATURE Cobra limited edition on …

doogee titan t3

Doogee are planning to launch their Doogee T3 smartphone this month with the first planned stop for the dual screen luxury phone in Hong Kong.

doogee titan t3

Doogee are taking a plunge in to the luxury phone market once again, this time with the Titan T3 with dual display, and metal leather construction.

doogee dg700

DOOGEE are a popular brand but not one we would say is know for precision build and luxury, so the launch of their ‘Military Grade’ DOOGEE DG700 Titans 2 has very mush grabbed our attention.