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According to a report by “The Information”, Huawei sold 30 percent more phones in 2016 than in the previous year, despite smartphone sales generally slowing …

In the eyes of consumers, Google owned Motorola Mobility is doing very well, but a quick look at their balance sheet shows they are in fact far from a healthy company, which could be why rumours of an acquisition by Lenovo have stirred up.

China’s Meizu have announced that they will be making no profit from sales through the Meizu appstore, while developers will get 100% of the revenue.

Xiaomi have just announced on their official Weibo page that they have sold all 100,000 Xiaomi Mi3 phones in 1 minute 26 seconds!

Today is the day that China Mobile phone users can try and get their hands on the new Xiaomi Mi3, but they will have their work cut out as scalpers have been thrown in to the equation.

Oppo are making tracks to become an international ‘playa’ and have just reported becoming the 2nd most profitable phone company in China!

  Apple may be hogging all the headlines with huge profits and iPhone rumors, but its mobile network provider China Mobile who has all the …

Apple’s first quarter earning for China have quadrupled! Pretty amazing considering there are only 4 Apple owned and ran stores across the nation!

Foxconn Shenzhen has announced  that it has made a 50% increase in exports sales compared to last year, or in real figures  $48 billion!!

Just 13 days after launching the iPhone 4 in China, Apple have ceased all sales of the popular device at it’s Apple Retail Stores in …