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OnePlus 7

Even though with the new OnePlus models the spotlight is mostly focused only on the OnePlus 7 Pro variant, it would be very unwise to …

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Xiaomi Mi 9T

The recently released Redmi K20 and K20 Pro flagships are already wreaking havoc in the chinese market, because these two pretty quickly became the best …

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Xiaomi MI 9 SE

Phones from the Xiaomi Mi 9 family are a smashing hit on the market and currently the new Global version of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE …

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Xiaomi Mi 9

Today’s official unveiling of the long awaited and hyped Xiaomi Mi 9 models surprised quite many with the very affordable pricing and of course quite …

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Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi’s latest Redmi Note 7 is definitely an epoch-making device. We’ve indeed never seen such an amazing price to performance ratio before, which is impressive …

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There are plenty of chinese e-shops, each one with their own perks, benefits and quirks. But it’s certainly not a bad thing to showcase some …

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