Bend to zoom tablet

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This mysterious bending screen recently appeared in the Tech channel ot China’s Youku video sharing site. The video shows what seems to be a prototype/pre production tablet screen that allow the user to zoom in and out by literally bending the screen!

The screen in the video seems to bend a fair amount without very little effort allowing the unknown o.s to zoom in on what seems to be Google Earth.

The idea seems very novel and might work well on a games device, but we can’t see the technology making it in to a tablet type device anytime soon for a number of reasons:

  • Someone will bend it too far and it will break!
  • Check out how much light is reflecting on that screen when it’s bent! It would be pretty difficult to see what you were zooming in on!
  • The internal components such as the battery would need to bend.

nice novelty though! You can watch the video after the jump.