Global Premiere: Blackview’s Top-notch Flagship MEGA 1 tablet is here

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Nowadays,More people are choosing tablets for the comfortable viewing and on-the-go productivity they offer, without the bulkiness of laptops. According to official sources, Blackview, a burgeoning tech brand, is about to launch its top-notch tablet lineup, MEGA series. The eagerly awaited 120Hz flagship, MEGA 1, is scheduled to make its worldwide debut on March 18th.

It’s noteworthy that MEGA 1 is coming with an 11.5-inch 2.4K FHD+ display, featuring Blackview’s highest-ever 120Hz smart high refresh rate for smoother touch responses and a more fluid visual experience. Moreover, MEGA 1 is Widevine L1 certified, allowing for 1080P streaming on Netflix, and coupled with its quad-speaker, it delivers a surround sound experience that lets users enjoy a cinematic feast anywhere, anytime. In terms of photography, MEGA 1 boasts the highest pixel count in Blackview tablets to date, with a 50 MP SamsungĀ® ISOCELL JN1 rear camera. Thanks to the all-new ArcSoftĀ® 9.0 algorithm, it enables unprecedented clarity in recording meetings, scanning images, and capturing life’s remarkable moments.

On the hardware front, as the first flagship of MEGA series, MEGA 1 comes with the top-of-the-line 6nm octa-core MediaTek Helio G99 processor in the 4G chip segment, up to 24GB RAM, 256GB ROM, and supports TF cards up to 1TB, achieving an AnTuTu benchmark score of 442,513. This marks a 56% overall performance improvement compared to previous Blackview tablets, meeting users’ demands for smoother performance in daily work, study, and entertainment. Last but not least, MEGA 1 runs on the latest Doke OS_P 4.0 based on Android 13, enhancing user convenience, operational fluidity, and personalization while safeguarding privacy. With the included stylus pen, taking notes and sketching become effortless.


No.1 The Highest 120Hz Smart Refresh Rate Ever in Blackview Tablets

Boost Your Productivity, Gaming, and Learning with Next-level Touch and Visual Clarity

– 120Hz Smart Refresh Rate + 11.5-inch 2.4K FHD+ Display + 1080P Widevine L1 Support + Quad-box Speakers

To provide users with smoother touch responsiveness and more fluid visual experiences in work, entertainment, and learning, MEGA 1 features an 11.5-inch 2.4K FHD+ display with the highest 120Hz smart refresh rate ever in Blackview tablets. This is double the standard 60Hz refresh rate, offering users a broader and more seamless viewing experience while significantly reducing flicker and eye fatigue. It’s an ideal choice for gaming, movie watching, or streaming video content. Additionally, MEGA 1 is great for users who enjoy reading e-books and streaming videos with three eye-care modes: Reading, Night, and Dark modes, greatly protecting users’ eye health. For entertainment, MEGA 1 comes with Widevine L1 certification and quad-box speakers for surround sound, allowing users to enjoy an unparalleled immersive 1080P HD audio-visual feast on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ anytime, anywhere.


All-new Split-Screen Makes Juggling Work, Study, and Leisure Easier

– All-new Split-screen + Multi-window + 11.5-inch PC Efficiency + WPS Office + Stylus Pen + 8800mAh Large-capacity Battery(33W Fast Charging)

Ā Aiming to boost productivity, MEGA 1 rolls out an all-new split-screen and multi-window for efficient multitasking, like reading while note-taking or video calling with document editing. With a wireless keyboard and mouse, it turns into a versatile 11.5-inch PC, ideal for a wide range of tasks from document processing and editing to drafting essays or compiling notes. With WPS Office preloaded, MEGA 1 stands ready to lend a hand in all your projects. Plus, the complimentary stylus pen that comes with it makes note-taking and sketching a breeze.

To spare you the hassle of a dying battery on lengthy travels or corporate outings, MEGA 1 boasts an 8800mAh large-capacity battery, ensuring up to 20 hours of daily use. It also supports 33W fast charging, enabling a 50% recharge in just 60 minutes. Besides, MEGA 1 has optimized automatic hibernation that can provide a remarkable standby time lasting up to 18 days.

No.2 Blackview’s Highest-pixel 50 MP SamsungĀ® Rear Camera Tablets

Capture Treasure Moments in Higher Definition and Quality, Anytime, Anywhere

– 50 MP SamsungĀ® ISOCELL JN1 Rear Camera+ 2K High-resolution Video Recording + 13 MP Front Camera + All-new ArcSoftĀ® 9.0 Algorithm

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To make it easier for users to clearly record meeting notes, scan images, and capture the wonderful moments in life without losing too much detail when zooming in on photos, MEGA 1 is equipped with Blackview’s highest-pixel 50 MP SamsungĀ® ISOCELL JN1 rear camera to date. Boasting a 1/2.76-inch oversized image sensor, it delivers exceptionally high-quality imaging and true-to-life colors even in low-light conditions. Additionally, to swiftly address users’ everyday needs to identify a plant, an animal, or to tackle homework challenges, MEGA 1 camera conveniently integrates the smart Google Lens, offering clearer recognition and answers to users’ queries, enhancing convenience in daily life.

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What’s more, whether it’s family gatherings or travel adventures, users can record and share every precious moment in life with clarity through 2K high-resolution videos. Moreover, MEGA 1 also features a 13 MP front camera that supports face detection and recognition, ensuring users can clearly participate in online classes or video chats with family. Lastly, MEGA 1’s HDR, super night, beauty, portrait, panorama, and other shooting modes are benefitting from the all-new ArcSoftĀ® 9.0 algorithm, improving imaging quality by 18%, allowing users to capture beautiful moments anytime, anywhere in higher definition and quality.


No.3 Top-of-the-line 6nm Octa-core Helio G99 Processor Among 4G Chips

Leading the Next-level Fluidity in Work, Learn and Play

– 6nm Octa-core MediaTek Helio G99(up to 2.2GHz) + up to 24GB RAM + 256GB ROM + up to a 1TB TF Card Expansion + Atomic Memory 2.0 + Smart Preloading + Large 8312mmĀ² Cooling System

To meet users’ demands for smoother performance on tablets for everyday work, study, and entertainment, MEGA 1, as the flagship of MEGA series, is equipped with the top-of-the-line 6nm octa-core MediaTek Helio G99 processor among 4G chips. It features 2 A76 cores and 6 A55 cores, not only enhancing energy efficiency but also achieving processing speeds of up to 2.2GHz during high-demand activities such as gaming or streaming videos, with an AnTuTu benchmark score reaching 442,513, which marks an up to 56% overall performance improvement over previous Blackview tablets. In terms of memory, MEGA 1 introduces a 1:1 RAM expansion technology, supporting up to 24GB RAM, including 12GB RAM and up to 12GB RAM expansion, making app launch speeds 18% faster than most tablets on the market.

Additionally, MEGA 1 comes with 256GB ROM and supports up to a 1TB TF card expansion, allowing users to store more files, photos, music, and videos without the need to frequently clear storage space. Furthermore, with the implementation of Atomic Memory 2.0 and smart pre-loading, app launch times are further reduced, with speed increases of up to 23%. To ensure MEGA 1 maintains high efficiency and smooth operation under prolonged use, it has a large 8312mmĀ² cooling system, keeping the processor temperature below 40Ā°C even under heavy loads, ensuring device stability and long-term performance.

No.4 The Latest Ultra-smooth & User-friendly DokeOS_P 4.0 Based on Android 13

– All-new Custom Split-screen + PC Mode 2.0 + Workspace App + EasyShare App + Focus Computing 2.0 + Permission Management

To boost user convenience, smooth operation, and customization while also protecting privacy, MEGA 1 utilizes the latest Doke OS_P 4.0 based on Android 13, including a wide range of in-house developed apps tailored for office work, studying, and leisure activities. First off, the all-new custom split-screen allows users to swiftly open their preferred split-screen views, such as watching a video while browsing social media or playing a game while chatting, thereby enriching the entertainment experience and increasing efficiency. With PC Mode 2.0, users are free to enjoy multi-window multitasking and use the “Pin to Top” feature to keep main tasks in the forefront for more efficient work completion.

Moreover, the Workspace App enables quick logins to both personal and professional accounts, assisting in balancing work and life rhythms. The EasyShare App facilitates file, app, photo, or video transfers at a speed of 7.7MB/s (60 times faster than Bluetooth) without the need for a mobile network. In terms of smoothness, Focus Computing 2.0 introduces performance and battery-saving modes, allowing users to optimize device operation based on daily use or high-load activities like gaming. Lastly, the system’s permission management feature has been enhanced, offering users more secure and controllable app permission settings to protect privacy.

Price and Availability

Catch the global launch of Blackview MEGA 1Ā on Aliexpress on March 18th. With 8GB+256GB and 12GB+256GB options starting at $199 ($398), this deal runs from March 18-27, PST. Add it to your cart now to lock in the savings!

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