Eurostar ePad 2 First Look

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epad size comparison1 300x178 Eurostar ePad 2 First Look

Intel Atom Eurostar Epad Tablet


Update: Zenithink has launched ePad 2!


The giant iPhone 3GS design looks a little dated compared to some of the tablets on sale today, but the hardware is still up to the job of browsing the web, playing a few games and working on the odd Word documents now and then.

Actually the 1.66 Ghz Intel Atom CPU with 2Gb ram provides more than enough power for most daily duties, however the rather tiny 3000mAh battery means you will only be going a few hours between charges.

epad back1 300x254 Eurostar ePad 2 First Look

ePad Eurostar 2 Intel Atom Tablet

It seems the Eurostar epad is stuck in a time gone by, a time where the Android tablets were less feature packed and much more expensive.

These days you would be better to spend your money on a much better equipped Android tablet such as the Lenovo A1 or Wopad V7+.

Update: Zenithink has launched ePad 2!

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    Its good to know about ePad 2. Great review. I liked it very much. Thanks !