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The day has finally come and Intel is disclosing its 12th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors. These new models are based on the company’s Alder …

Windows 11

Not everyone was expecting Windows 10 to get a sequel, or at least not this year. In the past, Microsoft had stated that Windows 10 …

Intel Core i7

Intel and AMD have been fighting for the preference of PC users since immemorial. For a long time, Intel managed to grab the upper hand, …


Intel has introduced its 11th-gen U-series processor lineup with the launch of new Intel Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs. These new CPUs are coming …

AMD Ryzen

According to a fresh report, AMD may be using defective Xbox Series X chips on pre-assembled PCs. The Tom’s Hardware website discovered a PC model …


The well-known analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple has modified its plans to initiate a complete transition towards the ARM processors in its MacBook laptops …

According to a South Korean newspaper, Samsung would have won orders to produce Intel’s desktop microprocessors. An agreement, for the time being not confirmed by …

It’s always hard to do business when your Vice President is arrested (again) and faces serious charges. This doesn’t seem to pose a burden on …

Smartphone users are always in demand of longer battery life and the most effective and efficient usage. And well Vernee is quite adamant that all …

OnePlus One battery

In their on going schedule of teasers, OnePlus today announced the size of the battery which the OnePlus One will have on tap.

oneplu question and answer

OnePlus will be holding a Q&A over on Reddit where fans will be able to ask the company ‘almost anything’.

Folks at OnePlus sure know how to tease their phones! How often do we see ‘reverse countdowns’?!


Which CPU do you think OnePlus have settled on for their first flagship phone? Plus more details of the lateest OnePlus teaser.

ZTE had an interesting showing at the Mobile World Congress, and headlining that was the ZTE Grand Memo II LTE. The 6-inch phablet is really blurring the lines between tablet and phone, and initial impressions seem positive.

Marvell isn’t as often talked about as say Qualcomm or MediaTek, but the fabricator just took a shy at the headlines thanks to a recent release; a 64-bit quad-core mobile chipset.

Qualcomm announce the updated Snapdragon 801 boasting new features which manufactures have no reasong not to upgrade to!

64gb xiaomi mi3

Xiaomi’s Snapdragon 800 Mi3 makes a silent appearance on the official Xiaomi store in 64GB memory guise.

Colorfly, best known for its ‘audiophile’ music players like the C3 and CK4, is all set to give a green signal to its latest tablet, the Colorfly U975 Q1.

The HTC One 2 has had more rumors swirling about it than any non Apple phone in recent memory. There have been numerous leaks and rumors, but nothing confirmed. This is everything we think we know about the HTC One 2, we think.

Chinese OEM phone maker, Infocus have a few new phones in the works, the most exciting being the Infocus IN810 which boats a Snapdragon 600 CPU, 4G LTE and SD memory expansion.