OnePlus One battery size revealed

OnePlus One battery

In their on going schedule of teasers, OnePlus today announced the size of the battery which the OnePlus One will have on tap.

As announced early this week, and after dropping the bombshell that the OnePlus One would sport a Snapdragon 800 CPU, the OnePlus team today have revealed more details of the phone. In an official email, and post on their social media channels, OnePlus revealed the size of the battery.

The specs are a 3100mAh non removable battery for the Snapdragon 800, LTE phone, plus a new ‘Mystery Technology’ which will help to keep the battery charged. A 3100mAh battery is only slightly smaller than the cell in the Xiaomi Mi3 which similar spec (if the OnePlus ends up having a 1080 display as we believe it will).

This battery info along with the processor confirmation gives is a good idea of what OnePlus have cooking, It is all solid kit, but it hardly jumps out and shouts ‘wow’ in our faces. What do you make of the latest revelation? Are you all hot for the OnePlus One, or have you begun to simmer down?

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