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Xiaomi 12 Pro camera

The smartphone market is now very popular as smartphones are now part of almost every user’s life. There is a need to make calls and …


The Russian invasion in Ukraine, which is accompanied by a myriad of cyberattacks, forces Western countries to take sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s regime. After freezing …


The well-known analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple has modified its plans to initiate a complete transition towards the ARM processors in its MacBook laptops …


The new generation of Intel and NVIDIA chipsets for 2020 has an arrival date. The companies will announce them on April 2, and it will …

Oppo M1 chipset

Chinese smartphone maker, Oppo, is reportedly working on introducing its mobile application processors soon. A Chinese publication citing an official statement from an Oppo executive …

Foxconn Apple

Apple continues to reinforce its chip design division: it recently hired Mike Filippo, who has a ten-year history at Arm, as well as working at …


MediaTek is not always at the forefront of the high-end market, but things may soon change: the manufacturer in fact has unveiled that it will …

Spreadtrum SC9853i

n April 2012, Intel’s first plausible smartphone, the Xolo X900, was officially launched. It was a solid initial effort for Intel to enter the mobile market. …

First it was Huawei, then it was Xiaomi, now Meizu are rumoured to be working on its own processor.


While the Intel processors are totally taking over the tablet and convertible market, their effort in gaining some foothold in phones has failed spectacularly. Even …

mediatek helio x30

Mediatek have really pulled their finger out over the past year or so with some really solid chip launches, but its the Helio X30 that the company hopes will really take on the top guns.

mediatek mt6797

Mediatek Helio P10 and X20 adoption is set to be sky-high for early 2016 but for phones coming later in the year they might receive the 16nm Helio P20.

mediatek mt6797

Everyone might be Helio P10 this and X20 that, but it’s the bread and butter chipsets that make up most of Mediateks more sales and they have just added 3 new processors to their range.

Elephone P9000 Lite

Has Elephone really made a slim bezel phone with Helio P10 chipset? Well real photos of their new Elephone P9000 Lite say yes.

huawei kirin 950

The processor that aims to take on Qualcomm and Samsung while possibly driving the Huawei Mate 8 has just been officially announced. Keep reading for full Huawei Kirin 950 specifications.

mediatek helio x20

Mediatek are all hands on deck these days. The Helio X10 and X20 have already impressed us and now details of the Mediatkek Helio X30 have really gotten things going!


Chinese chip maker Allwinner have unveiled the Allwinner A64 SoC for tablets which could bring 4K video support to devices in lower price brackets.


Chinese analysts have hit Weibo today with breaking news of Huawei’s and Qualcomm’s next generation processors.

Mediatek have brought 64bit processing down to a point that everyone can enjoy the benefits, but just what are the differences between the MT6795, MT6752 and MT6732? Keep reading to find out.

mediatek mt6797

A lot of people scoffed at Mediatek when they made their first 8-core processor, but soon ate their words. Will the same happen with Mediatek’s rumoured 10 and 12 core chips?