3 new Mediatek chips heading to budget Chinese phones

3 new Mediatek chips heading to budget Chinese phones

mediatek mt6797

Everyone might be Helio P10 this and X20 that, but it’s the bread and butter chipsets that make up most of Mediateks more sales and they have just added 3 new processors to their range.

Mediatek already have chipsets to suit every taste, and with 3 more SoC’s to choose from Chinese phone makers are really going to be spoilt for choice. Here are the full details of Mediatek’s latest.

Mediatek MT6738

With Chinese phones costing as little as $70 these days Medaitek really needed to up their game and produce a decent processor that not only gives good value for money but also LTE support.

The MT6739 is a quad-core A53 chipset that can rum at 1.5Ghz. The SoC has a Arm Mali T860 MP1 GPU running at 700Mhz and is destined for budget smartphones. Mediatek have capped screen resolution to HD (1280 x 720) on this model, while allowing up to 13 mega-pixel camera to be supported and up to 4GB RAM.

Compared to current budget processor from Mediatek, the biggest update here is the LTE support, in that it actually has some.

Mediatek MT6750

Further up the range we have an 8-core Mediatek MT6750 made up for 4 x A53 cores running at 1.0Ghz and 4 x A53 at 1.5Ghz. The GPU this time is an ARM Mali T860 MP2 and again we have support for only HD panels.

Camera support is boosted to 16 mega-pixel cameras and again with we have Cat 6 LTE support.

Mediatek MT6750T

This is the turbo charged version of the MT6750 with the same architecture as the former but an updated GPU. The MT6750T can support FHD 1920 x 1080 displays, 16 mega-pixel cameras and LTE too.

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mediatek chipsets

Mediatek won’t put these new chipsets in to production until after the Chinese New Year so expect the first super affordable LTE phones to go on sale sometime in summer 2016 with pricing from $50 up!

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  • Semi

    for the 50-99$. those chipsets can really be quite promising!

  • MattD

    6738 should be on par with 6732, so finally a budget chip worth buying after months of horrible 6735p.

    The other 2 are interesting too: i always like big.little architecture, it should improve overall battery life!
    Maybe 6750T should have had at least an higher clock than the standard version since it would support higher-resolution screen, but I’m interested in seeing how they perform before judging.

    • Semi

      as for any T in the past, it will be hardly seen in real life, just a very few models.
      Let’s hope they don’t come with P versions like on previous generation (which will then become the standard one, since manifacturers want only to save money), if we avoid the risk, we will talk about performing entry level phones then!

      • MattD

        Yeah, i hope so too… Probably underclocked versions will be produced, but let’s hope everyone just go for the standard one (back in 6592’s time, everyone used the standard chip: T and M versions weren’t that common like 6735p have been)

        • Vlada

          I think the supported resolution will make the difference. A lot of brands will try to have a FHD screen and only the “T” variant allows it.

    • Lazar Prodanovic

      Not in this life time.

      • MattD


        • Lazar Prodanovic

          Won’t be on pair with MT6732 concerning gpu.
          Read my other coment…

          • MattD

            Well, we don’t know this for sure… Clock is not everything!

            • Lazar Prodanovic

              O it is! T760 vs T880 is 16~18% slower (clock per clock). One day the testilation unit is used the T880 will gain about 20% more.

  • Roberto Tomás

    I don’t get these really. To me, the P10 is a good bottom tier, with the X10 and X20 standing as good mid-range and premium-range chips.

    The 6738 will have such a low gpu perf that it will significantly impact its performance. The 6753 already scores in the ~30-40k range. This thing will likely score down in the 20-30k range, which basically makes it suitable only for phones in the sub-$50 market. Why bother targeting that (instead of just using leftover parts)?

  • Lazar Prodanovic

    As bad as it gets! None of the announced SoC’s is good.
    6732 stays the king of the hill.
    If they have gone with 4x A53 @1.5GHz along with Mali T860 MP2 at 450MHz it would be a good consumer SoC with solid performance along with good power consumption for HD displays (& worthy contrapart to the MT6732).
    Funnest part is that MT6738 will be faster than 6750 on GPU part & same on CPU side (but will consume a little more battery juice).
    Why would anyone buy this junk?

    • Steven Fox

      Nope, two cores of Mali 860MP2 are faster than one core at 700Mhz, because they have more ALU’s inside.
      Bumping the Mhz mainly increases GFLOPS which is not the same as actual performance(although performance will be close, the 860MP2 will edge out, even with half the clock speed). Also the 6750 will offer 4 more cores that will increase the performance in heavy gaming.
      The 6750T will be quite the entry-mid chip as it will offer faster performance compared to 6753 with better graphics(Mali 720 is allot weaker than 860)
      Only problem is that basically they can`t put a better GPU in there(more cores), because of the outdated 28nm fab nod.
      MTK’s strategy is basically
      6738 replaces the 6735 for entry level products(and it will offer faster performance)
      6750 will replace the 6753(1.3 Ghz with 720MP2-3) and the 6750T will replace the 6753(full 1.5 Ghz 720MP4 variant)
      These chips will target entry to entry-mid devices(aka under 150$ phones)
      As the P10 will target the 150-250$ Mid-range segment(finally properly replacing the 6752)
      And the X20 will target the FLAGSHIP KILLER segment(mid-high end), for phones between 250-350$.
      Simple as that. Same lineup as the previous generation, only offering around 20-300% more performance than previous generation products(excluding the X20 where performance increase will be around 50-60%)

      • Lazar Prodanovic

        No honey. First cluster scales 100% & every additional one scales around 64%.
        Curent gen is only around 16~18% faster then previous one.
        I won’t even coment you’re other claims, most of the them simple don’t have any sense.

        • Steven Fox

          We will see when the official benchmarks come out.

        • xploratorul

          You seem to very, very smart.