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The guys over at iFixit have broken down the iPhone XS to discover that it comes with a new L-shaped battery, though the size isn’t as interesting.

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Oukitel K8

Sporting a quite elegant design, the OUKITEL K8 is a pretty interesting smartphone that features a large battery, large display and good cameras. The K8 …

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OUKITEL recently released their big display & big battery smartphone – the K8 – in early August on OUKITEL’s official AliExpress store. The smartphone has …

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After entering the full screen / top notch era, most manufacturers are now going all-in with over 6-inch display into phones around the size of …

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OUKITEL K8 presale

Today, August 1st, OUKITEL formally starts the global first presale for their latest large battery smartphone – the OUKITEL K8. The handset features top mid-range …

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Just as the OUKITEL guys promised they delivered, the battery consumption video for the new OUKITEL K8 model has been released so you can check …

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The new OUKITEL K7 is yet another one if the long successful line of big battery smartphones from the OUKITEL’s “K” series and this one …

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The technology world is consistently evolving and there is always a swift breakthrough in any area of difficulty. Many users must have been waiting for …

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3C-Easy, a leading mobile phone repair service supplier, has announced its plans to enter the U.S. market in 2018. The company will setup brick and …

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Pisen Apple

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last week, then you’ll probably be aware of the recent iPhone slowdown drama that is …

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Maze Alpha

Given the huge success of the Maze Alpha – according to the feedback we’ve been reading in the comments section, this latest video released by …

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After a long quiet period, Cubot seem to be coming at full force this second half of the year. Indeed the Chinese phone maker launched …

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Meizu had an accessory to announce with the new M6 today, an all-new power bank with dual fast charging features.

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Battery life is one of the most important deciding factors in purchasing a smartphone nowadays. Because, after all, what do you need one for if …

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If battery life is your biggest concern, then you might have laid your eyes on the Gretel GT6000 and the Motorola Moto E4 Plus, both …

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Vernee Thor Plus

Vernee are about to launch their next big-battery phone, namely called Vernee Thor Plus. The handset is going to feature an Amoled display, a big …

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What comes with a 9mm thick body hardware that isn’t to be sniffed at and a battery life of 20 days? The answer? The Elephone Fighter.

Sporting a 5500mAh battery the HOMTOM HT50 is one of the new breed of big battery phone, and like many it has an excellent price.

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Well this isn’t for the faint hearted I guess! A TaoBao company specializes in transforming your Xiaomi Mi 6 from an average 3350 mAh flagship …

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The HOMTOM HT50 5500mAh large battery smartphone will cost just $94.99 during the AliExpress Tech Discovery Flash Sale.

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