Poll which CPU will the OnePlus One have? Plus latest OnePlus teaser details


OnePlus updated their Facebook cover today with text blurred just enough for fans to start guessing what they are up to.

The red Facebook cover is mostly obscured to prevent us clearly reading the details. The 6th March is clear though and the column across from it looks to say ‘CPU’. Fans have been quick to point out that the rest of the list appears to be items from a phone specification with dates when the news will be released.

If we are reading through the blur this would mean we could finally learn what CPU Oneplus have settled for for their OnePlus One flagship.

OnePlus fans are already trying to make out the rest of the details, but to us is appears the CPU will be announced on 6th March, the Battery will follow, then the Screen, Camera and finally the last column which we can’t make out.

We will see if we are right come this Thursday, in the meantime which processor do you think OnePlus have decided on?

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