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Well, once again, another company underestimated the power and unpredictability of consumer’s opinion. OnePlus decided today to ask their fans what is their favorite OP6 feature, …

You may remember the MIUI vs Android One poll fiasco on Twitter that ended in the Chinese company deleting the post after an unexpected result. …

Well it’s a good period to have money in your pocket, ready to buy your brand new flagship model, don’t you agree? With Google Pixel …

We like to run ahead of schedule and – with their launch date scheduled for tomorrow – we… can’t wait and need to ask: do …

No.1 need your help to build its next Android Smartwatch and possibly one of the best smartwatches on the market.

So OnePlus finally released their OnePlus 5 yesterday and now that we’ve all had time to soak up the facts it’s time to decide if we’re going to buy it or not.

A recent press release had us wondering which fingerprint location really is the most prefered? Which do you like front or rear?

would you rather

I was chatting to some like minded Android phone fans today and we got talk about what we would rather have on our phones. We …

oneplus 2

We have been hosting a poll asking if you would buy the OnePlus 2 now that it was all officially launched. After 1,283 votes and 177 comments the results are in!

We recently held a poll asking if our readers would buy the OnePlus 2, you can find the surprising results here along with a new poll asking what you think now the phone is official.

oneplus 2 leaked

With only a few days left before the launch of the OnePlus 2 there are surely a few people out there who have decided if they will go for the next gen flagship killer. Are you going to be one of the next OP owners?

vivo xshot vs oneplus one camera shootout

Earlier this month we asked you to vote for your top smartphones of last year. The poll is now closed and the results are in. So which are the top 10 smartphones of 2014?

top phones of 2014

2014 was a stunning year for Chinese smartphones and we would love to know which are your top phone picks for 2014?

oppo find 7 hands on

If you hadn’t already noticed the Oppo Find 7 launched today and the great news is that there were few surpises i.e. most of the rumours were accurate, but is the Oppo Find 7 going to be a phone you will buy?

Folks at OnePlus sure know how to tease their phones! How often do we see ‘reverse countdowns’?!


Which CPU do you think OnePlus have settled on for their first flagship phone? Plus more details of the lateest OnePlus teaser.

Zoposhop have announced that the white 8-core ZP998 is is available for customers to book, and are asking original preorder customers to cancel their preorders.

Some weeks ago our sister site launched a poll to decide which version of the new GizRom should be launched for the Zopo ZP980, ZP990, C2 and C3 first. The winner was MIUI V5 and as promised here it is ready to download and install!

Oppo were the last of the big 3 Chinese phone makers to launch their latest Android device. Now after seeing the Oppo N1, its features and specifications how do you feel?

At the start of the week we posted a poll asking which if GizChina readers wanted larger 6.44-inch phablets. Well the results are in and we can confirm that smaller screen are still more popular by a long stretch!