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would you rather

I was chatting to some like minded Android phone fans today and we got talk about what we would rather have on our phones. We had some interesting points and it made me wonder what would you rather have on your phone?

Below are a series of questions, some are sensible others are meant for fun, well the whole poll is meant for fun. There are no prizes, just the chance to see what we all would rather have on our Android smartphones and add our own commentary in the comments section below.


So if you have a spare few minutes take some time to play “Would you rather…?” and answer the following questions;


Begin the “Would you rather….?” Poll

[poll id=”13″]

nubia x6 hands on

[poll id=”14″] [poll id=”15″]

oneplus 2 oxygen os vs hydrogen os

[poll id=”16″]
[poll id=”17″] [poll id=”19″]

smash the past

[poll id=”20″] [poll id=”21″] [poll id=”22″]

xiaomi redmi note 2 sd card

[poll id=”23″]

Hope you enjoyed our fun “would you rather” poll. If you have anything to add please feel free to below in the comments, and if you have any alternate questions we could have asked please also post those below as we might be doing this again.

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