What’s your favorite flagship of the year?

[Poll] What’s your favorite flagship of the year?


Well it’s a good period to have money in your pocket, ready to buy your brand new flagship model, don’t you agree? With Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL having been made official a couple of days ago the puzzle of the best 2017 flagships seems to be complete – somewhat (we’re waiting for the Mate 10 from Huawei, I know).

We’ve got all the powerful flagship models lineup here for you, starting with the OnePlus 5 and the Essential Phone, up to the new Pixels! Most of them are equipped with state of the art specs, impressive displays, one of a kind cameras, while others are so easy to use, value for money and of course: reliable.

So what’s your favorite flagship model guys?

Let us know which one in the poll below but leave a comment below to elaborate on your choice. Why did you choose it? Is it the appearance? Display? Specs? Price? All of them combined?

Let us know 🙂

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  • Klaus E. Werner

    + price
    + power
    + storage
    + smallness (fits into my pocktes, incl winter jacket pockets)
    + power consumption (60% of battery at the end of the day)
    + double camera (wide+tele)

    • Giulio Dainese

      it would have been the perfect smattphone, if it had the jack… this is sad

      • Klaus E. Werner

        There are very nice (and really good sounding!) Type-C in-ear headphones by Xiaomi which solve the problem.
        If I want the utmost sound, I choose my Audio Technica / XDUOO combo, anyway.

        • Giulio Dainese

          They doesn’t solve the problem, it’s like a patch… I have a lot of old boombox, and some good headphones, and I’ll need to use an adapter every time! Removing the Jack is a stupid marketing move, and it hasn’t any advantage that worth it!

          • Klaus E. Werner

            I can see your point. For someone like me who got into audio quite late it’s acceptable, but not for people who have already invested in ear/headphones.

  • Bojan Radovanović

    I am using sgs8, but if i would buy device now, i think v30 would be my choice.
    Pixel so is tempting with those dual speakers, but I would not take it before mine s8.

  • goodwill

    Haha. I already have 5 phones in that list. I’d choose LG V30. Reason mainly because of the wide secondary camera and f/1.6 lens. It’s more practical for me. I use it on my G6 more often compared to the telephoto setup on my OP5 and Mi6.

  • Tommi

    Favorite 2017 phone, none. 2016 had better ones. I hope 2018 will change it to better back again (OP6, MI7…)

  • Ionut Johnny

    Mi Mix 2 is my favorite and probably my next phone, I will wait for the price to get a cut up to 400 £, at least. I still own a Mi6, which I like the most, LG G5, Huawei P9, P10 and a Meizu Pro 6s.