Teclast Master T10 Review – A Good Tablet!

Teclast Master T10 Review – A Good Tablet!


According to many analysts, tablets are dead and have been dead for a long time, declining for 11 quarters in a row (except for Apple of course). With fewer and fewer tablets being released, good tablets are few and far between, and Teclast hopes to change that.

Teclast Master T10 Review

The Teclast Master T10 is a 10.1″ tablet with midrange specifications, an MTK8176 hexacore processor, 4GB of RAM, and a high resolution 2560×1600 IPS LCD. There aren’t many tablets made anymore, let alone large 10.1″ tablets, and this is one of the few options released recently.

Is it Good?

Teclast Master T10 Specifications

Processor MediaTek MTK8176 Hexacore
Display 10.1″ Sharp 2560×1600 IPS LCD
Storage 64 ROM
Operating System Android 7.0 Nougat
Cameras 8MP, 13MP Camera
Battery 8100mAh
Physical Dimensions 553g, 23.90 x 16.70 x 0.80 cm

Big thanks to Gearbest for providing this review unit.

Teclast Master T10 Hardware

The tablet doesn’t stand out with a rather generic silver metal body, it looks like every other tablet out there. However, the metal body does feel fairly good in the hand but unfortunately fingerprints are somewhat visible on the tablet. Flip the tablet around and we see fairly small bezels on this tablet, not bezelless no, as that would render the tablet unholdable. We have a fair amount of ports here, a microUSB port, a microSD card slot, and a micro HDMI port as well.

Fairly generic look

Teclast Master T10 Display

We have an incredibly high 2560×1600 resolution on the 10.1″ screen and I have to say this is quite a good LCD made by Sharp and this display is incredibly conducive to watching TV, reading comics, and reading Reddit. The screen produces some saturated colours and stuff looks good. The maximum brightness is good, topping out at 400 nits, making it easy to see in sunlight but not direct sunlight.

Teclast Master T10 Audio

The tablet has stereo speakers, one on each side of the tablet and it does provide stereo sound to a certain extent, and audio volume is quite loud, loud enough for most situations. Audio quality is just average, there is a bit of bass but there is distortion at max volume that disappears if you lower it a notch.

Teclast Master T10 Battery

An 8100mAh combined with the MTK8176 processor provides some pretty good battery life. I was able to get 6 hours of screen on time consisting of mixed use, Chrome, Youtube, reading Manga and browsing Reddit with about 25% left.

I also performed a video playback test and was able to playback 720p video at 200nits of brightness for 9 hours and 22 minutes before the tablet died, definitely a good media consumption device.

Good battery life

Teclast Master T10 Software

The tablet runs stock Android 7.0 Nougat but unfortunately performance is not silky smooth. Swiping between home screens is quite smooth, definitely more than smooth enough for normal use, but its not as smooth as a high end Android phone or even the Mi Pad 3. There is a bit of stutter opening apps but multi-tasking is great with 4GB of RAM.

I was able to play many games on the tablet, however Need For Speed: No Limits did not run properly because the entire screen was black except for the road signs. Many other games ran well also such as Hearthstone and Clash of Clans also.The fingerprint sensor is not that great, its fairly accurate but its not very fast.

Teclast Master T10 Connectivity

WiFi performance is blazing fast, hitting incredible speeds however WiFi range is poor, cutting it in and out even a mere 15 feet away.

Bluetooth works fine, and GPS performance is fairly slow.

Teclast Master T10 Camera

The camera is actually fairly decent, especially for a tablet. The 8MP rear camera takes some fairly OK photos with some fair detail and colour saturation. The rear 13MP camera also takes some good photos as well, definitely more than good enough for video calls and selfies (but selfies with a tablet, seriously?).

Teclast Master T10 Verdict

Teclast’s still got it. They can still make good tablets, and even though tablets are dying, I hope they don’t stop. The Teclast Master T10 is definitely a good 10.1″ tablet, however, I don’t think I will ever use it in the long term as I still have my Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 which in my opinion is almost the perfect size. That being said, if you are looking for a 10.1″ tablet, this is it.

Good tablet

Teclast Master T10 Gallery

  • Build Quality
  • Display
  • Audio
  • Battery Life
  • Software & Performance
  • Connectivity
  • Camera

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  • balcobomber25

    Is that a fingerprint sensor on the back? It looks so out of place.

    • SoniC

      yes, like reviewed – kinda accurate, but slow…
      And agree with you on the placement… very weird indeed and fairly unusable if you have a cover + stand.

      But what is more important for me – the price was completely omitted in the review… (why?!).
      Currently ca. 195 EUR @ Gearbest.

      • balcobomber25

        I didn’t really read the review on this one. Kind of just skimmed through it.

      • Yeah with a flip cover its going to be unuseable.
        Also if you want a good 10.1″ Android tablet there aren’t many new ones released anymore

    • Georgie

      I own one and can tell you that the fingerprint sensor is fast.
      In real life the tablet is smaller than you think and therefore the fingerprint is easy to reach.
      Wifi is fine and fast. No problems there! I have only one complain and that is security updates. It’s stuck at april 2017.

      • balcobomber25

        Given Teclast’s history you will be lucky to see another security update, they are usually of the one and done crowd.

        • Jean Michel

          Hi Balco, hope that you are doing well. I am writing you to ask you your opinion regarding a purchase. With the Redmi Note 5 scheduled for the end of the year, there are great offers on the RN4 Global Edition. For example, I could get the black version of the RN4 with 4GB ram and 64GB storage at 120€. However, I am also interested in getting the Mi Note 3 which has been released a couple of weeks ago. The Mi Note 3 with 64GB storage is sold around 296€ on Ibuygou website. Using a discount coupon, the price decline to 283€ excluding shipping costs. I need a new phone urgently so the only faster shipping method available on Ibuygou website is DHL. Nowadays, it is not easy to avoid paying import duty and other taxes in my country so I have to pay for an insurance against that if I choose DHL. At the end, the total amount I would pay for the Mi Note 3 is 315€. Which phone would you suggest to me? Are you still using your RN4? Maybe I should go for the RN4 and wait for a significant price drop on the Mi Note 3. Thanks in advance!

  • Richard Lloyd

    I’m a little surprised by the 2/5 for connectivity – any reason that’s so low (other reviews I’ve seen say the wi-fi is fine)? Fingerprint sensor on the back makes no sense and any such sensor that takes >0.5 secs like this one does (2-3 secs!) is a total waste of time. Still, I’ve ordered one anyway because there’s nothing close to these specs at this price point.