Samsung Galaxy Ring to Enter Mass Production Soon

Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring was first teased earlier this year at the Galaxy Unpacked event. It was later showcased at the MWC event held this year. But the company hasn’t said anything about when the smart wearable will go on sale. Well, we may finally have a lead on that, and it comes from Samsung.

But first, let’s fill you in on what has led to the reveal of the possible launch time frame of the Galaxy Ring. So, Samsung has just filed a lawsuit against Oura, a company that’s known for its smart rings. We will talk about what it’s about a little later. The important bit is that this lawsuit has revealed that Samsung will be mass-producing Galaxy Ring in mid-June, which is on the horizon.

Mid-June Mass Production Means Samsung Galaxy Ring Is on Track for Next Unpacked Event

Every year, Samsung holds two Unpacked events. One of them happens at the beginning of the year, while the latter kicks off in the middle. As mentioned earlier, the Samsung Galaxy Ring has already made its subtle debut at the first event of the year. And with the information on the lawsuit, it seems that we will see a formal launch at the upcoming Unpacked event.

Samsung Galaxy Ring debut

Now, as for when the next Samsung Unpacked event will take place, it’s set for July 10. Given the mass production info, we may see the Galaxy Ring going up for pre-order at the event, with the company shipping them three to four weeks later. As for the price, Samsung has been a little quiet regarding it.

But given the competitors, such as the Oura Ring 3, we may see the Samsung Galaxy Ring launch at around $300. The company did confirm a couple of other details, though. That includes being able to monitor key health and fitness metrics, up to nine days of runtime, and sizes ranging from 5 to 12.

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About the Oura Lawsuit

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Ring faces competition from established players like Oura, a company known for its aggressive legal strategy. To preempt potential roadblocks, Samsung took a novel approach. It is suing Oura in the United States before the Galaxy Ring’s launch.

This lawsuit seeks a declaratory judgment from a California federal court. Samsung argues that the Galaxy Ring doesn’t infringe on five of Oura’s patents. It claims these cover functionalities common to most smart rings, like sensors, data scores, and battery inclusion.

Oura Ring Horizon Sleep Tracking ring

Samsung accuses Oura of a systematic pattern of suing competitors like Ultrahuman, Circular, and RingConn over these very features. They view this as a deliberate strategy to stifle competition and an “imminent risk” to the Galaxy Ring’s success.

Further bolstering their case, Samsung highlights instances where Oura threatened legal action even before a competitor’s product reached customers. This aggressive approach seems confirmed by Oura CEO Tom Hale’s statements. Following the Galaxy Ring’s unveiling in January 2024, Hale emphasized Oura’s strong patent portfolio and hinted at “appropriate action” if the infringement occurred.

What Does This Lawsuit Mean for Galaxy Ring and the Competitive Smart Ring Landscape?

The lawsuit seeks a two-pronged outcome. First, Samsung wants the court to declare the Galaxy Ring doesn’t violate any Oura patents. Second, Samsung aims to prevent Oura from filing future infringement claims against them or their customers regarding the Galaxy Ring.

Samsung Galaxy Ring launch

Oura’s response is yet to be seen, but considering their past actions, opposition to Samsung’s claims is likely. The lawsuit also suggests Oura’s apprehension towards Samsung’s market entry. Their recent expansion to Amazon, a platform they previously avoided, indicates a potential attempt to solidify market share before a major competitor arrives.

This legal battle sheds light on the competitive landscape of the smart ring market and Samsung’s proactive strategy to ensure a smooth launch for the Galaxy Ring.

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