GizRom officially launched! Install GizRom MIUI V5 to Zopo ZP990, ZP980, C2...

GizRom officially launched! Install GizRom MIUI V5 to Zopo ZP990, ZP980, C2 and C3


Some weeks ago our sister site launched a poll to decide which version of the new GizRom should be launched for the Zopo ZP980, ZP990, C2 and C3 first. The winner was MIUI V5 and as promised here it is ready to download and install!

The poll, offered the choice of either MIUI V5, a Samsung TouchWiz style ROM or Sony Xperia style ROM for popular Zopo Android phones. The winner was MIUI V5 with a landslide win of 58.6% of all the votes! Since the poll ended, talented Android ROM modder Marsapa has been working hard to bring you the ROM of your choice and here it is ready to download!

gizrom miui v5 zopo
The first Rom was made for Zopo ZP990 , Zp980 , C2 and C3 devices. However, MIUI V5 GizRom will be only the first of a long series of ROM made under the GizRom name , a project that will be extended to other phone brands and devices as time goes by.

Here are some screenshots of MIUI V5 ROM installed on Zopo ZP990 C7 Captain S.

gizrom miui v5 zopo gizrom miui v5 zopo

The Rom is multi-language but doesn’t yet have a complete translate for each language, however it is very straight forward and easy to use!

Here is the modder Marsapa opinion about ROM:

MIUI V5 porting ROM for Zopo ZP990/980/C2 and C3 is based on Android 4.2.2 version 5 ( 3.9.6 ) , Multi-language ( nearly 100% ) .Google Apps can be flashed via recovery.
Once installed during the initial setup, you can select MIUI or AOPS Keyboard.
The 3G works only on SIM no.1.
The ROM supports the use of a flip cover which will activate the lockscreen or unlock the phone as it is opened and closed.
No bugs found to date.

Download GizRom MIUI V5 for your Zopo phone

How to install GizRom MIUI V5 on your Zopo phone

[templatic_contentbox type=”warning” title=”Before you start!”] Before you start please understand that installing this ROM is done so at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for damage or loss of data. We suggest you back-up your phone before starting. [/templatic_contentbox]

For the installation of GizRom will need to perform the following tasks:

1 . Download the zip file and copy it on phone’s memory.

2 . If you have not already done so run the root with eroot.

3 . Reboot the device into recovery (if you have not already installed used Mobileuncle Tools). Here are the links to download the recovery:

4 . Once in recovery run the “wipe cache partition” and “wipe data / factory reset” and on “Advanced ” run “Wipe Dalvik Cache” ( menu items can be scrolled with the + and – buttons and the selection is made with the power button );

5 . Install the ROM by clicking “install zip from SD card / choose zip from internal SD card” and select the file you downloaded and copied to the phone memory . When you have finished installing select ” Reboot System ” .
I remind you that for the execution of the root and the update of the recovery you can always refer to this guide, but of course using the files suitable for your device !

If you have any questions, comments or need help please feel free to let us know in the comments section below, and keep posted for more GizRom updates as they are launched!

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  • Airyl

    So, what exactly are the advantages of GizRom?

  • Manos

    Great great! Please can you make it for the Jiayu G4? Basic and Advanced? Thanks!

    • DN


  • Norman Zakaria

    Congratz Andi! You’ve come a long way 😀

  • pa5t1s

    Nice move 😉
    I’m curious about your next target! could it be:
    * an ‘old’ phone like iOcean X7 Elite?
    * a ‘newer’ phone like UMI Cross? 😀
    Please, let us know your ‘roadmap’!!

  • Ravi

    Can you please tell whether this will work on CUBOT GT99 cause its also a MTK Quad Core handset…

    • This ROM is only officially for the ZOPO phones mentioned in the post

  • carlos

    Hello great job ,now is missing for the neo n003 premium version 1
    i tryed this rom on neo ,works the dual sim de wifi the bluetooth and camera dont

    i think every one who have a chinese phone wont the miui is a good change for the gizchina look like cyanogenmod


    Dear andi why we can not use this to other mtk 6589 phones?

    • Hector

      every hardware has its drivers, the only common hardware is the procesor, but camera, screen, motherboard, and more has diferent drivers that diferents brand don’t have.

  • martin

    i have problem i have got C2 and after install this rom i dont see nothing i mean screnn is shining black and this is it.. nothing more for one second a saw a wizard of miui and this is all i saw..

    • Hector

      Install Marsapa V15, and over it, the miui.
      After installing v15, do the wipes, but don’t format system.

      • Gigawebs

        I am also having this problem. How do I install Marsapa V15, when the screen is not working?

        • Coryn MacCullagh

          yeah how do we do this?

      • Coryn MacCullagh

        how do you do this without being able to see the sceen?

  • nuel

    I want this for the neo N003, andi what do you say??

    • Mario at is in charge of this, totally his idea best speak to him

  • Romario

    Nice ROm!

  • Alex van de Wiel

    Very greatfully and thankfully for this ROM. I hope it’s more stable than the original one from ZOPO ZP980. I never really had issues with it but it lacked grunt so I decided to get the GREAT OPPO FIND 5. I wanted to try a Chinese phone and I choose the ZOPO ZP980.
    My friend has used it and told me that it was quite unstable when he used it (but better than the Jiayu G4 (GPS is shit)). I decided to start using it and MOD it as a test phone (before I start fine tuning my OPPO also).
    So I hope it’s lighter/more stable than the original ZOPO rom, having said that. Is there and original ZOPO Rom in case I want to reverse it (f.e. Sell the phone). Already told my friend to bring it back so Thursday or Friday will be the big moment. TBC

  • r0mari0__

    ROM is not working for me
    After instal i get a black screen

    • Hector

      Install Marsapa V15, and over it, the miui.
      After installing v15, do the wipes, but don’t format system.

      • Rauss

        I tried to install Marsapa V15 using TWRP, but it was unable to open the zip file. I am unsure where to find this Marsapa V15 for Zopo c2. any ideas?

  • Simon

    Excellent news. Continued success to GizRom and may it available for many smartphones & tablets 🙂

  • mrdidit

    Will be english support/forum? I won’t install ifjus italian support privided. Btw nice job and keep up the good work!

  • daneyboy

    I just wish they could sort out the GPS problem, then you would have a phone were all the basic features work.

  • daneyboy

    Does not work on C2 Plat 16GB, the 3 gizchina logos come on screen and then you can hear boot up sound but screen is Blank any ideas? Followed instructions as above, have tried many different roms before and never had any problems.

  • daneyboy

    Eroot will not work on this rom, if you are going to install this rom and your screen goes blank do this :Install Marsapa V15, and over it, the miui.
    After installing v15, do the wipes, but don’t format system. but do not boot into V15. go straight back to recovery and flash MIUI V5

  • foseptikons

    my phone is zopo zp980h (2gb ram 1.5ghz CPU).

    My problem is that i cant change the icons positions even i open from launcher settings and i cant add widget

  • foseptikons

    please help me i cant root on zopo zp980H (2gb ram 1.5 ghz cpu)

    please give me guide links or help me i am new learner for installing rom on zopo

  • Yossi

    Does any one install this ROM on zp980 or c2 with 1G RAM?
    If yes how much memory (RAM) left after boot?

  • MrPsanter

    Ok, it’s now installed on my 990 and everything looks good but I wondered: It looks like it’s not possible to update it with the weekly builds, am I right?

  • thomas

    Hi, could somebody try antutu benchmark test with this ROM?

    • Chuck

      I’m getting 15458 on mine


    This ROM seems to be working great for me but there is one problem ; it is incompatible with the Xposed Framework. If you are to install the Xposed Framework the phone will not boot until you enter recovery and flashing the Xposed Disabler file. Please fix this, I like this ROM very much and this is the only missing feature

    • Ansuman Mahapatra

      use wsm tools in place of exposed. It will work

  • Gary Santino

    installed the ROM on the zopo 990 everything works fine except for the 1.5 gig limit for programs. Thanks for all the work, great phone love the Zopo 990

  • Joe

    Thanks for the ROM.

  • Zulugo

    Not working Zopo C2 4GB 1GBram MTK6589 1.2GHz

  • shine

    Don’t install this rom. Because, The system crashes several times after one week. Also, the launcher uses about 200~300mb from ram. It lags when multiple apps running. The battery drains quickly than stock. The only advantage is you may get some fancy icons

  • Joe

    Thans for the ZP990 ROM! Looking good.

  • dermawan123

    Same like another user (@daneyboy), I installed it, but the screen goes blank. Some very rare times, after punching the screen and the buttons repeteadly, the screen shows that it’s actually running, but after just interacting with it, it goes blank again. This is frustrating. I can’t get into recovery to flash it with another ROM. I feel like a blind man trying to operate my all touchscreen phone. Eroot also doesnt work (because I can’t get to the screen to enable Debug). Please help. Thank you before

    • I’ll get on to Mario at (they are the ones developing this ROM) and see what the issue is.

  • kerem

    does it works on zopo c2 b version ?

  • Fierof2

    I have installed this ROM and its very nice. I like it very much, but I am facing one problem. When I am playing the real racing 3 game the UI is lagging and the game is very slow. This game used to play smoothly in the original stock rom. It would be great if you could correct this issue.

  • guys

    Hi, Shold I unzip the rom before insttaling it on my sd card or put it as a zip file? Question 2- how I update the rom after in installing? tnx Guy

  • L2e

    hello i have isa et100 t45e, created cwm recovery have unclemobile tool, want to install miui 5, download correct version many times, it says assert failed getprop, or with permissions on failed to verify wholefile package… help

  • Rathma

    Hi, very good rom, nice work! Thanks! little bit problem: Too small the system partition my ZP980+. 1.59GB too small.

  • Adriaanzonn

    Tried to install this on my C2 platinum, but now my phone won’t boot anymore.
    The only thing I see when I power up the phone is the three gizchina logos.

  • Vitor

    This is for everyone having the black screen issue with this rom.

    1. Download MTK droid tools, install it.

    2. Open mtk droid tools

    3. Connect your devide to your computer

    4. After your phone ir reconized, select “root, backup, recovery

    5. Select recovery and boot, then choose the recovery image that you downloaded before

    6. Select “reboot in recovery” and install another rom of your choice using the external sd option. Recommended to use the marsapa v15!iMJnXCJR!cneXEmago4x8Z-YWoexjBZl3AMbG9Xm1UcFzTue8ppo

  • Catarino Silva

    Portuguese Please ( Brasil, Portugal,Angola, africa.

  • Bruno Rocha

    Hi, Marsapa. There is a forecast for 3G works on SIM2 too ?

  • Jack

    Trying hard to install the rom, but always i get an installaton aborted message (with android lying on the back with a red triangle). Can only reboot in my stock rom….can not install the rom.

  • thanospetr

    Please port one for ZOPO ZP998 too!

  • nico

    After flashing my phone I also got a black screen after booting, but the solution of “vitor” below solves my problem (ROM 4.2.1 with some special usability). It is a little bit hard to find those tools.

  • ZP980 user

    Now I have reverted back to Zopo stock rom. Everytime I boot up, I get Gizchina flash page. Is there a way to remove this? Thanks for any advice!

  • Gamod

    Why not the Official Nexus 5 ROM, the Official Kit Kat Rom? 🙂 Or the latest version of Cyanogen? Thanks.

  • Luke Wilkins

    Why not just leave it with stock ROM? What are the advantages of putting a custom ROM on? Would like to understand as I am toying with the idea of installing?