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Black Friday

HOMTOM and their sub-brand of rugged ZOJI will of course be joining all the Black Friday madness and starting tomorrow you will be able to …

huawei maimang 7

After an odd observation with the Honor Play, the Anandtech guys decided to investigate. Digging a little deeper, they made a rather surprising discovery.


The biggest sports event in the world is starting tomorrow in Russia and the eyes of billions of fans will be glued to the screens …

VKworld will begin to offer the VKworld S3 for pre-order with a focus on multimedia features and a bundle of free gifts.

Maze have finally gone and done it! they’ve gone and released final details for the Maze Alpha smartphone. Keep reading. Maze has had a whirlwind …

essential smarpthone

Andy Rubin’s pet project Essential phone has been officially announced with titanium build and modular add-ons! For months we have been watching teasers of the …

LeEco event

With renewed investment, LeEco is still alive and well and we can look forward to seeing some cool new tech such as this new device leaked with 4 cameras!

Homtom HT20 Pro

Budget rugged phone with IP68 certification Homtom HT20 managed to garner quite some positive feedback upon release and there were not many better choices in …

Are you in the U.S? Do you want to order an Android TV or Smartphone from LeEco? Then you’re in luck.


For many of us the smarthone creation process is something similar to complex magic ritual and we can’t really fathom all the necessary steps and …

qiku 36o phones

We look back over 2016 and list the most popular articles of 2016!

elephone s7

If you’re looking for a new smartphone for yourself, a friend or family member, then have a look a the Elephone S7. Here are 7 reasons on why to get one.

The Honor Magic is by and far one of the most exciting smartphone launches of this year. With that, here’s everything we know about the Honor Magic so far.

This year has proven to be pretty active for Xiaomi, seeing as they’ve released quite a lot of phones. So many in fact, that we’re making a list about them!

Alcatel, the international arm of TCL, have released a super affordable smartphone for U.S customers costing only $29.99.

While many people complained that the OnePlus 3 was pretty bug ridden at launch, OnePlus has done a fairly decent job at fixing these problems, but…

ulefone vienna hands on

Another new phone from Ulefone, but the Vienna promises to be more than just a standard smartphone, and claim this handset is an audiophiles dream …

land rover phone

Chinese tech firms love to make those big rubberised smartphones, and the newest features Land Rover branding, a huge battery and built in light.

homtom easter

Phone maker Homtom is asking fans to head over to their Facebook page and leave comments about the brand for the chance to win prizes.

We’re not sure why there are so many flash sales on these days, but whatever reason its a great way to try and snag a bargain.