Shocking! Charging cable extracted from man’s bladder

charging cable

In a bizarre incident, a doctor found a charging cable in the bladder of a 30-year-old man in Guwahati, India. The doctor, through a Facebook post, shared that he hadn’t come across a case like this in 25 years of his career.

Walliul Islam, who happens to be a consultant surgeon at a private hospital in Guwahati, said that the man had come to the hospital. He was complaining of severe abdominal pain. The patient claimed that he had accidentally swallowed a mobile headphone.

An early X-Ray revealed that something was in the abdomen area but an endoscopy confirmed the presence of an object inside. Further, a surgery confirmed that there was nothing in the gastrointestinal tract. 

Patient tells doctors he ate the charging cable

Hence, doctors had to take an additional X-Ray in the operation theatre and found that it was a charging cable and not a headphone as claimed by the patient.

Currently, Indian hospitals have their hands full with COVID-19 cases. Hence Dr.Islam had to operate the patient in the private hospital where only emergency cases along with cancer and gynaecological services were prioritized.

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The doctor further said “the charger cord has been removed” and the patient is recovering. The cord could have been extracted via the penile urethra. However, the patient didn’t precisely describe his condition to the doctor. Since he lied about swallowing it, they had to operate and check the intestine. However, the cord was not found. According to the doctor, the patient has a habit of inserting cables and other stuff through his penis as a form of sexual pleasure. He added that the act is called urethral masturbation and is done by inserting an object into the urethra.

This is because the doctors had found the charger cord lodged inside the urinary bladder connected to the urethra.

Islam said the patient doesn’t have any mental disorder and indulged in the act only for sexual pleasure.

“Instances of men indulging in urethral sounding are known. But this person went to an extreme and hence the cable reached his urinary bladder. This is a very rare thing,” he said.

Walliul Islam further told The Hindu that a surgery could have been avoided had the patient told him the truth. He also said that he had read about such acts in textbooks. But this was the first time he came across such a case in his twenty-five-year long career. 


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