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TOP 10 Phones for Students in 2021

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Gone are the days when you had to carry DSLR to capture your memories. Smartphone cameras have improved a lot in the last few years. …

top 10 phones for students

Students can be described as mainly young people who don’t have much income but have an active lifestyle and are active consumers of various goods …


Not everyone spends a fortune on buying smartphones. And also the feature gap between a flagship and mid-range smartphone isn’t a lot. You can get …

Top 5 group video call apps for Android and PC

These days people are in quartine due to the Coronavirus outbreak in the world. And in addition to chatting on Telegram or WhatsApp. You want …

Slack alternatives

Since its introduction in 2009, Slack has become one of the best communication platforms for companies. And they may not have succeeded in completely replacing …

remote learning apps

During this mandatory quarantine period that many countries have implemented to curb the spread of the pandemic known as a coronavirus (COVID-19), many people have …

We know AnTuTu launched the version 7.0.1 in late December 2017. It added 2 new 3D features called ‘Refinery’ and ‘Coastline’. They have been developed …

iPhone 7

Though many Chinese smartphone makers are gaining momentum nowadays, the Cupertino-based market leader, Apple still provides the bestselling phone in Q3, 2017. Today, Canalys published …

Chinese smartphone makers are always producing better smartphones while keeping prices low. We can now get ridiculously good smartphones for under $100, while more renown …

Are you looking for the best phone money can buy? Here we’ll show you the Top 10 most powerful Chinese phones of 2016!

Wondering why the tech world is going gaga over the new Xiaomi phone? Here are TEN THINGS about the Xiaomi Redmi Pro that you should know!

Here are 10 things about the first Xiaomi laptop, the Mi Notebook Air that you need to know!

zuk z1 review

I was over in China at the ZUK launch last week and since then I have been using the ZUK Z1 alongside the OP2 and learned a few interesting things about this new flagship.

oneplus 2 review

The OnePlus 2 arrived with us just a week ago and since that first day I have used it solely as my own personal phone. Here are 10 things I have learned about the OnePlus 2 since receiving it.

Want to buy the OnePlus 2? Here is a list of stores you can buy the OnePlus 2 without invite right now!

zte v5 fingerprint

Fingerprint scanners have made their way on to the front and rear of Chinese phones all year. Here are some of the top Chinese phones with fingerprint scanners you can buy right now.

GizChina is always expanding and adding more to its network for you the Chinese tech fan to get the latest and greatest news as and when you need it. Here are the top 10 ways you can keep up to date with

bluboo x550

Chinese phone makers have battled over processor cores, screen size, camera specs and resolution. Today it is the battle of the battery! Here are 7 Chinese Android phones with big battery specs.

sjcam sj5000 action camera

Chinese tech companies aren’t just about tablets and phones, but also action cameras for capturing those extreme moments. Here are our top 5 Chinese Action Camera picks for this summer.

10 china launches april

For whatever reason, Chinese phone makers have opted for April to be their big launch month and release new hardware. Here are details of 10 of the most exciting launches we will see this April!