Poll: will you buy the OnePlus 2?

oneplus 2 leaked

With only a few days left before the launch of the OnePlus 2 there are surely a few people out there who have decided if they will go for the next gen flagship killer. Are you going to be one of the next OP owners?

The OnePlus 2 will launch very soon, and although not officially announced there are a few details we already know about the phone, and from those details it is possible to decide if the OP2 will be your next phone or not (or maybe).

What we know for certain is the OnePlus 2 will be smaller than the current OPO, have a larger battery, we also know there will be a fingerprint scanner and that the processor is a Snapdragon 810 “hotplate” running at 1.8Ghz with 4GB RAM. It also looks as though the 13 mega-pixel main camera will have Phase Detection Auto Focus, and the phone will use the latest USB standard, USB Type C.

We might even know what the OnePlus 2 looks like if the most recent Tenaa leak is actually the real deal (I’m still not sure and feel OnePlus could be just trolling us with the ugly phone).

With those details at hand and with knowledge of what the OnePlus 2 might look like we are asking are you likely to be buying one? Answer below in the poll;

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