Top 10 smartphones of 2014 as voted by GizChina readers

vivo xshot vs oneplus one camera shootout

Earlier this month we asked you to vote for your top smartphones of last year. The poll is now closed and the results are in. So which are the top 10 smartphones of 2014?

2014 saw the appearance of many great smartphones from China. We saw build quality and design improve, specifications increase and prices drop further than ever before.

At GizChina we have tested a lot of great phones throughout the year, and all the writers across the GizChina network have their own favourites, but we wanted you guys to vote for the phones you think were the best for 2014.

Below are the results based on our reader poll, in reverse order. There are some obvious devices as well as a few surprises. Did the phones you vote for make it in to the top 10?

Counting down from number 10 here are the top 10 phones for 2014 voted by GizChina readers!

Top 10 phones of 2014!

10. UMi Zero

umi zero

Number 10 is a surprise to the top 10 and is proof that even smaller Chinese phone makers can get things right and build a popular phone. The UMi Zero represents a big change in UMi’s design and manufacture with an all alloy body, and featuring specifications such as Texas instruments fast charging and SUPER AMOLED display. Even without 4G LTE the Zero has managed to scrape in to the top 10 above the popular Xiaomi Redmi range in 11th position!

9. Huawei Honor 6

huawei honor 6 launched

9th position is taken by Huawei’s very attractive Huawei Honor 6 smartphone. Huawei have come along way over the past 12 months, and is now one of the more interesting smartphone makers from China with great phones seemingly launching every month! It is no wonder that Huawei managed to enter your top 10 with no less than 3 devices!

8. IUNI U3

iuni u3 review

IUNI were a brand that no one had heard of at the start of 2014, but soon grabbed our attention with the surprising IUNI U2 and later the IUNI U3. The U3 slips into 8th position for it’s amazing hardware (2K display , OIS, Snapdragon 801, 3GB RAM) and Xiaomi defying low-price.

7. Vivo Xshot

vivo xshot review hero

The Vivo Xshot is my personal choice for 2014. It has been a phone that I immediately took to and have throughly enjoyed. Camera quality is what drew me to the Xshot, but battery life and build quality are also features that have continued to surprise me over the year. Only time will tell if 2015 phones manage to take the Xshot’s place in my pocket.

6. Huawei Honor 6 Plus

huawei honor 6 plus

Huawei took the Honor 6 and upgraded it to make it a stylish camera centric phone. The result is the Huawei Honor 6 Plus which launched late last year with a grand total of 3 x 8 mega-pixel cameras! One on the front and a dual camera set up on the rear. A Huawei Honor 6 Plus is currently winging its way to the GizChina offices for review so watch out for our hands on and review coming soon.

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5. Huawei Ascend Mate 7

huawei ascend mate 7

The Mate 7 is a stunning looking phone, boasting a sexy all metal body and featuring a rear fingerprint scanner. Each time I look at the phablet it’s what I imagine a more up market Vivo Xplay 3S would look like.

4. Meizu MX4 Pro

meizu mx4 pro review

Meizu’s flagship MX4 Pro makes in to the top 5 for 2014. The MX4 Pro brings some firsts to the Android smartphone world including a 2K+ display, front mounted finger print ID security and “Retina Sound” (LOL).

3. Meizu MX4

meizu MX4 review

Meizu’s mid range MX4 manages to beat the flagship Pro to 3rd place by quite a margin. Meizu managed to really surprise us with the MX4, not only for its reasonable price (at least in China) but for it’s use of a flagship Mediatek MT6595 octacore processor. The MX4 is also a surprisingly comfy large screen phone with good camera too.

2. Xiaomi Mi4

xiaomi mi4 review

If this had been my personal list I believe the Xiaomi Mi4 would sit further down the field, but GizChina readers love the phone so much that it reached 2nd spot in our top 10! Xiaomi took a different approach with the Mi4 with a very slight update in hardware, but big improvement in build and design over the Mi3.

1. OnePlus One

oneplus one unboxing

I suppose there is no real surprise here! GizChina readers have voted for the OnePlus One as their top phone for 2014! OnePlus came from no where in 2014, starting the year with nothing but hype, then launching one of the most popular phones of they year! I suppose great build, Cyanogenmod, price and a few controversial marketing ideas helped them on their way.

So that’s how GizChina readers voted for 2014, you can see the rest of the list here and see where other phones came in the poll.

Looking at the results I would say that Huawei are the biggest shocker for 2014. They have 3 devices in the top 10! really quite something especially when up against Xiaomi and Meizu. I’m really happy to see the Vivo Xshot place, I have said all year it is the best phone of 2014 and it is great to see that a good majority of readers agree.

OnePlus One in the top spot is no surprise, but 2015 will be their real test. What we need from the start-up now is to become improve, and prove that the OPO wasn’t pure luck and they can do it again with future devices.

Are there any phones in the top 10 that surprise you? Do you wish another phone was number 1? Will OnePlus make it to number 1 in 2015? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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