Check the look of shock when Xiaomi staff meet their new flagship

xiaomi flagship

We have just over 48 hours until Xiaomi release their new flagship smartphone, but some lucky Xiaomi office workers have already been treated to a sneak look. See how they react in this video.

The video entitled “When Xiaomi Employees first saw the new flagship”, shows the surprised expressions of Xiaomi staff when they are treated to a first look at the new Xiaomi device ahead of this weeks launch.

You can tell that some workers are visibly shocked to get an early glimpse, but as we don’t get to see the phone we don’t know if the look of shock is simply excitement of seeing the new device or a stunning new design:

So far rumours have suggested that the next Xiaomi flagship will be a larger, thinner and faster phone. There is also the possibility of a 2K display and OIS on the rear camera too. Keep posted for the latest Xiaomi launch news later this week.

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